Modern Farming Ideas

Lets grow Chemical free and make world a better place to live.

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Natural farming works. It only works if you observe and mimic nature.

What is Natural Farming?

The basis of Natural farming is limiting human intervention and leaving nature to work. An environmentally sustainable way of growing food. Natural farming was first coined by “Masanobu Fukuoka” in his book “The One-Straw Revolution”.  

Have you ever added fertilizer, pesticide or tilling to the forest? As far as I know its a big “No”.

Still, forest bears fruits that are of high quality. Much tastier than the ones in your chemical farm. I do not do anything, still, nature works at its best then why don’t you follow it rather than altering.

Principles of Natural Farming

Learn Natural Farming
  • The cost of the production of the main crop should be compensated by the income of inter-crops. The main crop income will be a bonus.
  • Nothing should be purchased from the market(outside of the farm).
  • Inputs to your farm should be produced inside the farm.
  • Inputs that we use for the crop should be Eco-friendly. Should not affect/ destroy the environment.
  • No need to till the land.
  • Farm biodiversity – Bugs and weeds are not enemies
  • Symbiotic farm